Remonttivelhot Oy does interior renovations and remodeling work in capital region, especially in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa as these are the biggest cities in the area and naturally have the most demand. You can contact us with your renovation needs and request an estimate or an offer, please find our contact info via this link.

We have both architect and interior designer contacts for demanding cases, but so far we have focused on surface remodeling or renovation projects of kitchens, bathrooms, saunas and living spaces. These projects can be done in cooperation with the customer, which helps in keeping the costs down and project duration short. Big or small renovation project, it doesn´t matter. Just ask for price quote and we will calculate the renovation price for you.


Our builders and contractors have certificates that are needed for water insulation work in bathrooms and toilets. Bathroom renovation projects in Helsinki and capital region are our bread and butter plus we can handle all the related tradesmen work needed in and outside these projects. Bathroom renovation might just be a small part of a complete renovation of your newly bought home. We can handle all the other facets of such cases like fixing roof, painting the outside cladding or building a new veranda or terrace.


The most common work that we do specifically with saunas is to take the space to be used for some other purpose for example as a small study or a storage room. Seems like in capital area real estate prices are climbing so high that people need to turn underutilized spaces into more effective use. These projects can sometimes need extensive work with building permits.


We can offer the design and source your new dream kitchen. However, you can also buy kitchen cabinets separately and ask for us to do the installation. Our expertise goes way beyond cabinet installation and we can include surface work or even partition wall removals for open kitchen areas. Sometimes we relocate the kitchen by switching the position with some other room but those projects can take time with needed building permits. 


Years of wear and tear will leave their marks on walls. There are nail holes, tape stains, discolouring and those lovely drawings of your three year old artist. Sometimes it is a new place where you are moving into and want to make it look like your own. We can help with all surface renovation cases that require painting or wallpapering.


One of the most common renovations alongside with painting are flooring jobs. Old parquet floors can be sanded and lacquered. There are several colour choices and previously reddish floors can be transformed into clean and white surfaces, which give that modern and light feeling in your home.

Another popular way to mend floors is to use new floor material altogether. Out with the old and in with the new. Laminate and vinyl boards are the most popular options as they are fast to install and relative affordable. Both options have many colour and pattern options also.


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