We do interior renovations on the capital area. Our speciality are various toilet, bathroom and sauna renovations especially in the old stone buildings of central Helsinki.

Kitchens are an important part of our services. In kitchens we have been focusing on quickly delivered and installed kitchens. This is mostly for people like home buyers who have to get the kitchen renovated before moving in. Changing kitchen location within an apartment are also common projects for us.

Sliding door cabinets are part of our furnishing business. For these cabinets, our aim is to provide flexibility. It is quite often that old apartments and houses have storage solutions that were ok for seventies or eighties but they are not up to par with our modern times. We help with the design, provide the furniture and install it.

General interior surface renovations are among our most popular renovations. Everybody tends to have some need for paint and maybe for some new flooring.

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